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About Us

We're bringing inspiring art and bold design to your sanctuary. A sibling collaboration between designer Kendra Lemon and engineer Jess Lemon, Citra Studio was born from our own desires for truly expressive and artistic home goods that last. We believe your home is an extension of your personality, your creativity, and your joy. Citra Studio aims to be your go-to store for bold pieces and exclusive designs you won't find anywhere else. Every piece created is produced and numbered in collectible limited runs. Alongside our own designs, we will consistently collaborate with artists and designers to create inspiring works that feature their expressive style and fresh perspectives.

Our Values

Supporting Artists & Designers

Artists pour their heart and soul into each of their works and we want to show the world their passion. Whether they are looking for a unique opportunity to showcase their work or have a desire to explore the home goods space, we are here to support the brilliant, fresh style of artists and designers across the country. 

Responsibility and Sustainability

Since the very beginning of Citra Studio we’ve kept sustainable design and responsible business practices at the forefront of our priorities. In fact, it’s built into the very concept of the store. Keeping the production of our furniture limited to small batches inherently reduces our consumption of material and energy and building furniture with quality materials increases its lifespan. As we grow we will continually implement practices that are as earth-friendly as possible.