There are many reasons why a person buys and collects artwork. For some, it’s an emotional response to the painting itself. For others it is the simple enjoyment of collecting rare pieces. The value that a person places on a painting can vary widely as well. No matter what reason, the motivations behind buying artwork are just as uniquely personal as the artwork itself. Here are a few major reasons why people buy art, and why you might buy artwork too.

The Emotional Response

For many, buying art is driven by more than just the subject or colors used. It’s about the emotional response they receive from it. The artwork can enlist feelings of motivation and inspiration, providing a refreshing feeling for someone starting something new. It can also instill feelings of sadness and isolation, which might strike a personal connection with the buyer. Sometimes the artwork inexplicably leaves a lasting impression on a buyer, evoking emotions they can’t quite place a finger on. When seeing a powerful piece, all reactions are valid.

The Authentic Human Touch

Art has an authenticity that can not be found in many other products. Machine made products can perform well, but they often lack the soul that a handmade product offers. While a machine can make a product perfectly over and over again, it’s more human to make small imperfections and slight variations. These slight differences have a way of connecting with a person on a deeper level. It provides a sense of camaraderie and community between two people. Knowing that someone’s hands and passion created the piece adds value that can’t be measured, but is recognized and felt each time. 

The Story Behind the Artwork

Another reason people purchase art? The artist and their story. There is always some form of inspiration in every work of art. Some driving force that pushes the artist to create. The artist’s story may mimic what is happening in your life. Perhaps you know the artist and the obstacles they have overcome. Pride that they have succeeded in creating a beautiful piece despite the challenges fills you. The connection between the artist, the art, and yourself can be surprisingly powerful.

It could also be about the history of the piece itself. The controversy it might have created when it debuted, who owned the piece before it got to where it is, or maybe there’s a conflict of opinion of what the painting represents. Maybe the artwork was stolen before it could be finished and coffee was accidentally spilled on it in a beautiful way and when the painting was recovered the artist decided to keep it like it was. How a piece of artwork came to be can be just as valuable as its end result, if not more so.

The Collectible Nature

Collectors and aficionados can all agree that the rarer and the more in demand the piece, the more valuable it is. The exclusivity of owning an item that only you or very few others have is alluring. Collecting art can become a very prestigious game and a lucrative investment practice. For some art owners, this very fact is enough to purchase pieces for millions of dollars, even if the art doesn’t directly speak to them. Just owning the piece validates the pride of accomplishing the feat.

The Decorative Purpose

The last reason on this list, but probably the most obvious, is that individuals may buy a piece of art solely for the decorative purpose. They just like how it looks! A too much blank space on the wall gets boring, and sometimes you need a piece that fills the void with the right style to complete the look. It’s pretty usual to buy a piece of art just because you like it. That’s the reason art exists in the first place after all; for enjoyment and self expression. For some it doesn’t matter what a painting represents or how exclusive it is, it simply needs to look great and bring them joy.

Whether you're looking for a piece of art that moves you emotionally, a handmade piece with history, a collectible work to invest in, or simply looking for art that brings you daily joy, there's no denying that artwork has a purpose in all of our lives. Maybe you'll even find your next favorite work of art in the Citra Studio shop!