The idea of luxury is changing. It’s a word that still represents quality, comfort, and elegance but has evolved and taken on new meaning that reflects our modern society. Luxury items used to be centered around rare materials, imported goods, and brand names with a reliable reputation. High earners could afford the highly priced items, separating them from the general public by showing off their wealth purely through the things that they own. This still holds somewhat true, though these days the meaning of luxury has become more individualistic, personal, and in some ways, more attainable.

Globalization has made one of the biggest impacts on what luxury means today. Mass production has made many former luxury items attainable for the average person. Yet, the easier a product is to acquire, the less special it becomes on a whole. Online shopping and inexpensive worldwide shipping means that as a consumer we can get most anything, from anywhere, at any time. A beautiful porcelain dining set from China used to be a rare and precious find. Now we can select one of thousands, vintage or brand new, and have it on our doorstep in a matter of days. With so many millions of options available to us, truly special luxury items aren’t just about where it’s from or what material it’s made of. It’s now focused on how unique and rare an item is and the experience around purchasing it. 

Our hyper connected lives have a big part to play in the change of luxury too. The internet has opened our worlds up to a much larger online community than we would have ever had without it. As our lives become more populated, virtual or not, more people today are looking to stand out and show off their individuality, developing their own personal brands in order to show everyone who they are and the values they uphold. This creates a natural shift in priority. Luxury has become less about subscribing to a brand’s image and, by extension, the sort of “social club” that comes with it. It’s now more about whatever shows off a person’s individuality and personal values the best. Ultimately, the concept of luxury isn’t just about the “stuff” anymore, it’s about the story surrounding it. Today we are looking for items and experiences that help us learn, express who we are, and display a purpose beyond pampering, all while differentiating ourselves from the average person.

The key to luxury is and always will be centered around an idea of exclusivity - the feeling that not everyone will be able to experience whatever a brand is selling. However, our increasingly individualistic society demands a much more personal form of luxury than in decades past. Luxury that is born through a unique story or experience. We created Citra Studio as a response to this newly formed definition of luxury. Our furniture and decor pieces are not about the finding the highest price or using the rarest materials. It’s about creating truly unique, few of a kind pieces that stand out from the crowd. Pieces that are created by artists and designers as a form of inspired expression, not just as a functional solution for the masses. Our designs aren’t created for everyone, just you.