It started out as a simple concept. The root idea for Citra Studio had occupied a space in the back of both our minds for quite some time. In the earliest days my desk was filled with scribbled notes that contained ideas for the business that would randomly pop into my mind. After numerous video chats, phone conversations, and spontaneous text messages between Kendra and I, the vision began to grow into something more complex. We set out to define Citra Studio further. We knew we wanted to start a furniture and home goods design studio, but how would we be different? What problem were we solving, exactly? For us, the best answers were born from our frustrations with the current status quo. We saw an opportunity. A store filled with unique, artistic furniture and home goods that break the traditional mold.

At Citra Studio, we see furniture and home goods as works of functional, investable art for your home. We aim to bring you designs that take your breath away and shock your senses. Furniture, pottery, home wares, paintings, and textiles are all mediums you can expect to see used to create bold designs. As with any strong design, quality is key. When creating a new design we strive for it to last a long lifespan, passed on from owner to owner for decades. This means not cutting any corners. We use the right materials and manufacturers to ensure that you enjoy your furniture now and far into the future. Lastly, a firm commitment to you, all our products will be produced in numbered limited runs. Why? We want our furniture and home goods to be personal, uniquely yours. When you own a design from Citra Studio, you will know you are one of a few people to have the piece. It won’t be found anywhere else. 

When buying a new piece of furniture or home decor, you are likely searching for a piece that speaks to you. A piece with personality that you connect with. With every design and every painting, an artist is transferring emotion, passion, and personality into that piece. We help foster that personal connection between you and the designer by including a short letter with every purchase from the creator themselves, detailing the meaning behind the piece and how it came to fruition. We want you to know the process, story, and sentiment behind the design, helping build the relationship between you and your favorite artist or designer through each and every piece of furniture and decor you buy.

The “studio” in Citra Studio isn’t there just because we liked the sound. It’s how we truly envision us to operate. A traditional studio features different artists and designers with their own unique perspectives creating and collaborating with one another. Our vision for Citra Studio is to become a next level design collective, collaborating with designers and artists constantly, creating a truly unique design studio. There is so much passion and art out there being dreamed of every day, and we’re here to celebrate it. Creatives express themselves through many mediums from all corners of the world and we want to help those creatives share their work to the world.

Lastly, but most importantly, nestled in our overarching vision for Citra Studio is you. We aim to help you be bold and fully express yourself in your home through our home decor and furniture designs. We want to help you take the design leaps that you’ve always thought about, but never acted on. We are bringing you the expressive, maximalist-inspired, truly unique furniture and decor you’ve been looking for, creating collectible treasures for you to use and cherish year after year. We strive to be your go to for few-of-a-kind works of functional art, that won’t be found anywhere else. 

These key purposes all come together to create the vision of what Citra Studio is now, and what it will be in the future. We are working hard to build, learn, and create every day in order to achieve the vision of Citra Studio. With our first feature design, the Knotted Rug Collection, launching soon, we will be taking a big step towards achieving what we set out to create in Citra Studio. There are many more steps to go and we don’t plan on stopping soon.

Check out what we’ve created so far in the shop, or follow our journey on Instagram or Twitter to stay up to date on all things Citra Studio.