Syd Veverka describes herself simply as “this weird artistic person who loves art a lot.” Syd grew up in Saginaw, Michigan where she started her fine arts career in elementary school through after school programs. Her love of art never wavered as she continued developing her creative side through college, expanding into different art mediums. While attending the Savannah College of Art and Design, she fell in love with design and decided to pursue a degree in illustration, and subsequently a career as a freelance artist. Shortly after school, Syd moved to Chicago and found success as a commercial artist and muralist. Today she lives closer to home in Detroit, and travels as much as she can for mural gigs and artist residencies.

Syd has a love for interior spaces and exterior walls, which make the choice to paint murals an easy one. Popular mural works include “Entry To The Oasis” at the Space Gallery in Portland, Maine as well as many others around the Logan Square neighborhood in Chicago. Syd’s creativity doesn’t stop at murals. She also crafts paper mâché objects, draws simple portraits of guests at events, and collaborates with children and schools as much as possible. Though Syd’s skills expand across many mediums, she keeps consistency through her style of painting and design. You’ll notice bright 90’s colors, patterns of weird objects, silly concepts, beautiful bodies of all types and cute kitsch things in her work.

“Creating these pillows with Citra Studio has been an opportunity for me to pull some classic ‘Syd’ designs out and place them onto a new medium. I’m excited to have home decor available that would go so well in the same room as one of my murals or canvas paintings. I’m aiming to collaborate with more awesome small businesses, and to keep working on finding my place in the world of art.” - Syd Veverka


Syd Veverka working on a mural


About the Collection

The Trendsetters collection is based on a set of patterns that Syd had created and then stored away, just waiting for the right opportunity to use them. The ladies were originally one pattern and were split into individual pillows. That much personality just couldn’t be contained in one pillow, after all. Syd jokingly gave each of these cool, modern girls old-fashioned names, simply because you wouldn’t expect it. And they stuck! The snake and strawberry pillows became an unlikely pair for the same reasons. You wouldn’t expect them to go together, but there’s no reason why they shouldn’t! 

All of these designs were made with thought around what Syd felt was missing when shopping for home decor. In her eyes, you can never have too many fun, colorful accents to capture your attention and make you laugh a little.

Designed exclusively for Citra Studio, you can shop the Trendsetters collection here. To learn more about Syd Veverka and her work, you can visit her website at and follow her work on Instagram at @sydveverka.