Furniture design has a history spanning centuries. From Greek Architecture until today’s modern designs, furniture goes hand in hand with the long history of Architecture. As long as there have been people on this Earth, they’ve needed a place to sit or somewhere to hold their belongings. Granted, we haven’t always designed furniture for function and aesthetics, but it’s no secret that furniture has played a big role in its contribution to the world of art and design. Here are some works of art that have really struck me and inspired my own designs.


Argyle Chair by Mackintosh

Argyle Chair by Charles Rennie Mackintosh

This is one of those famous furniture designs that flies under the radar when I speak to my friends. The Argyle Chair by Charles Rennie Mackintosh is one in a series of arts and crafts style chairs he created. It has made appearances in movies and tv shows such as Blade Runner and The Addams Family. I’m really inspired by the height and composition of these chairs. They are large and imposing, but somehow comfortable and inviting at the same time. 



La Chaise by Charles and Ray Eames

La Chaise by Charles and Ray Eames

This lounge chair is my favorite design by Charles and Ray Eames. A completely organic, ergonomic form that serves as both a comfortable lounge and a beautiful sculpture. I’ve had the opportunity to sit in one of these chairs and it’s really remarkable how comfortable the rigid fiberglass form really is. While Jess saves up to eventually buy his favorite, the Eames Lounge and Ottoman, I’ll be busy saving up for La Chaise.



Bentwood Rocker by Thonet

Bentwood Rocker by Michael Thonet

Thonet is known best for his series of bentwood cafe chairs, particularly chair No.14. But my favorite design by Thonet is one that I fell in love with before I even knew where it had come from. This bentwood rocker above is only one of many styles Thonet created, but it’s the one that is most commonly found. The intricate curves and big movements of the bentwood frame caught my eye once upon a time in a thrift store and I haven’t stopped looking since. 


Quebec 69 Spider Chair

Quebec 69 Spider Chair by Les Amisca

This is a chair that only just recently blew my mind. You won’t find me singing high praises about the postmodern movement in architecture, so I was plenty surprised to be so excited by this post-modern chair. But how could I not be? The Quebec 69 Spider Chair by Les Amisca is so well balanced visually, and captures the spirit of a spider without being scary about it. It’s a beautiful chair just to look at.

These are only a handful of the wonderful works of furniture art that have been created over centuries that have inspired my own designs. I pull inspiration from many directions, and truth be told, these four pieces are only the first four that filled my mind when I thought about my favorites. The world of furniture design is an incredibly diverse one when you consider all of the past years of work. I’m excited to be able to add to that body of work with my own designs, and I hope you find the designs we create here at Citra Studio as inspirational as the chairs above are to me.