Heroes get remembered, but legends never die. One of my favorite lines from one of my favorite movies of all time. While the saying obviously goes for athletes and fashion icons, the same could be said about furniture designs. Styles rise in popularity, fade away, and reemerge decades later. Yet, some pieces just never go away. They maintain their popularity year after year, decades after the first one was made. Here are my most loved pieces that I consider to be classics.

Mesa Table by Zaha Hadid

Mesa Table by Zaha Hadid

As an engineer, this piece rocked my world when I first came across it. What do you look at first? Is it the web of support, reaching out seamlessly in each direction, merging and separating from one another? Or is it the voids, the smooth spaces that appear to organically form? To capture the expression of the piece yet keep it structurally sound is impressive enough. I can only imagine the work that went into getting this just right. 



Noguchi Coffee Table by Isamu Noguchi


Noguchi Table by Isamu Noguchi

The perfect example of deceivingly simple design. Isamu Noguchi is best known for perfectly balanced sculpture works, and it’s no surprise he designed furniture with the same intention. When I look at this table I’m impressed with how these forms work together in structural harmony. Also impressive to me, is that the Noguchi table is only made of three pieces and one connection between them. I personally love the natural wood base. The glass top both stands out on its own and shows off the base.



Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman by Charles and Ray Eames


Eames Lounge Chair & Ottoman by Charles and Ray Eames

There’s just no getting around it, Charles and Ray Eames created something truly special and timeless when they designed this lounge chair. This chair is beloved by an incredible amount of people and for good reason. The plywood is molded perfectly. The leather upholstery perfectly complements the rich wood frame. Just from the picture alone you can tell these chairs provide the ultimate comfort. I’m not an owner of one yet, but I assure you, it’s on my list of chairs I must have in my home.



Chesterfield style sofa

The Chesterfield Sofa

I love the traditional leather chesterfield sofa. A lot of traditional style furniture designs go in and out of style, but for some reason the chesterfield sofa, or variations of it, fit well in any styled room. This timeless style of sofa is substantial and has a strong presence. At the same time, its curves and tufting are beautiful and delicate. The curves of the armrest circle perfectly around the top of the frame and the pattern. The pattern on the back adds a simple visual appeal that doesn’t overwhelm the overall piece, creating waves across the top that blend perfectly in with the rounded armrest. Pairing that form with short legs that keep the sofa low to ground and a rich leather finish, and you’ve got yourself a classic.

These pieces of furniture are all expressive styles that speak to me and designs that inspire me when working on furniture designs. To me, these are the furniture “legends” that “will never die”. I would love to have every single piece in my own house. Though I’m not a designer myself, it’s a level of great design that I strive to help create for Citra Studio. 


Keep a lookout for our next post where Kendra will be writing about her favorite pieces of furniture! Or, if you can't wait, check out our other posts in our blog.