From start to finish, the process to create our premium wool rugs spans around the world. The rugs are designed in-house in the US, the wool harvested in New Zealand, spun in Portugal, then dyed and tufted in Morocco. 

Wool is a wonderful rug material, but not all wool is created equal. New Zealand wool is considered one of the best varieties due to its very fine fibers and richness in lanolin. This means New Zealand wool is more resistant to abrasion, retains color more effectively, regulates temperature better, and resists stains the best. The wool sheared from sheep in New Zealand is shipped to a family mill in Portugal where it is skirted, washed, picked, carded, roved, and spun into usable yarn.

From the family mill in Portugal, the wool makes its way to Casablanca, Morocco where it is washed again and dyed to its color. Every kilogram of wool is dyed by artisans using a high quality, long lasting, and environmentally friendly dye. Not only is this dye safer for you and your home, this also means the artisans are not exposed to harsh chemicals during the coloring process. Once the wool is the perfect color, it is hung to completely dry.

When wool is dry, it is spooled onto bobbins to ensure a tight tufting fit. This is what gives the rug its fullness with a smooth and soft pile. Tufting the rug is performed on robotic tufting units, which is super satisfying to watch. The robot starts by creating the outlines of the various colors and layers, then moving on to fill out the rest of the design.

Once the tufting is complete, a thin layer of high quality latex is applied to the back of the rug, binding the fibers into place. This high quality latex doesn’t crack, disintegrate, or smell over time like the backing found on cheaper rugs. To add further protection, a cotton webbed cloth is applied to the back of the rug canvas. However, even with these protective layers, you will still be able to see the precision of the tufting on the backside of the rug, displaying the high quality of work and care put into its production.

Lastly, highly skilled artisans with decades of rug making experience inspect and trim the rug. They work diligently ensuring the various rug heights are executed perfectly, snipping off excess backing cloth, and finishing up the edges of the rug to a crisp clean and finish.

From the New Zealand sheep to your doorstep, our soft, premium wool rugs are produced in small batches, so you can be sure each rug has been crafted with care. Our design process sends your product across four countries on four continents to bring unique and delightful flair to your home.