So you’ve decided to give your space a new makeover, or maybe you’re starting from scratch in your new home, and you want to break out and go bold with your colors. Shake things up a bit with a little more of a maximalism vibe. When you look online for some inspiration you find room after room perfectly put together with the most vibrant colors. The color palettes look so perfect in the picture, but you might feel a little intimidated to create the same looks. Here are five tips you can use to embrace vibrant colors in your home.

Start with Smaller Spaces

Smaller rooms can be the perfect place to start your journey into bold colors. These smaller spaces give you a punch of excitement without feeling overwhelmed in a larger room. It’s also a great spot to experiment with, since it’s easy to modify and change out without a large time or money commitment. 


Colorful hallway


Pink entryway nook



Add a jewel tone to your neutral spaces

If your style is full of neutral colors but you want to add in some extra interest to your space, look for a jewel color that works well with the neutral palette you have. These dynamic colors are richly saturated hues, giving them an intense luxurious vibe. For every color, there’s a jewel-toned counterpart, giving you the flexibility to go in any direction.


White and Emerald Bedroom


Use patterns to bring in extra depth

The easiest way to add pattern to your design is through your accessories; pillows, blankets, curtains, rugs, etc. However you can take it further by adding prints to your walls as well. Wallpaper is a great option for walls and rooms where you want to add color and patterns. There are endless combinations of wallpaper designs in the market and with new improvements like peel-and-stick, it can easily be removed and replaced. You can also simply paint on your own patterns using painters tape or stencils.


Green, orange, and yellow living room

Green bunk beds with patterned ceiling 


Paint it all!

If you are looking to go bold with a color but still want it to fade into the background, paint it all! We’re talking the trim and baseboards, and in some cases even the floor and ceiling. Baseboards and trim have a way of breaking up and highlighting a color even further. By painting it all the same color, this border is broken and allows the color to fade better into the background of the room.


Green dining room

Dark blue living room



Take advantage of your ceiling

When designing in a space, everything is fair game, including the ceiling. A splash of color or a patterned wallpaper on the ceiling might be the one thing missing from an otherwise perfectly colorful space. Adding in color on the ceiling can sometimes be better than an accent wall, since the visual weight is spread throughout the room instead of on just one side. 


Purple living room with a lilac ceiling

Red banquette with a patterned ceiling


As daunting as it might be to use, saturated, bold colors can completely transform the mood of a room. Using color strategically throughout your home can quickly bring your designs from safe to stunning, at these ideas will help you wield them expertly. For ideas of what specific colors you could use in your home, the easiest method is to find an work of art you love and use a similar palette.