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  • How Our Wool Rugs are Made

      From start to finish, the process to create our premium wool rugs spans around the world. The rugs are designed in-house in the US, the wool har...
  • The New Definition of Luxury

    Luxury items used to be centered around rare materials, imported goods, and brand names with a reliable reputation. High earners could afford the highly priced items, separating them from the general public by showing off their wealth purely through the things that they own. This still holds somewhat true, though these days the meaning of luxury has become more individualistic, personal, and in some ways, more attainable.
  • How to Choose the Best Rug Material for Your Space

    Choice paralysis; the inability to choose between options due to the overwhelming amount of choices available to us. Finding that perfect rug for your space can create this frustrating response. Here is your quick guide to the differences, so you can narrow your focus and choose the perfect rug for you.
  • Why People Buy Art (And Why You Should Too)

    There are many reasons why a person buys and collects artwork, but no matter what reason, the motivations behind buying artwork are just as uniquely personal as the artwork itself. Here are a few major reasons why people buy art, and why you might buy artwork too.
  • The Making of "Girl with a Gold Earring"

    From choosing intuitive colors to my abandonment of a starting sketch, this painting took on a whole different strategy for me. The challenges and risks I took creating this painting leaves me with a special fondness for this piece. 
  • 5 Ways to Use Bold Color in Your Home

    So you’ve decided to give your space a new makeover, or maybe you’re starting from scratch in your new home, and you want to break out and go bold with your colors. Shake things up a bit with a little more of a maximalism vibe. When you look online for some inspiration you find room after room perfectly put together with the most vibrant colors. The color palettes look so perfect in the picture, but you might feel a little intimidated to create the same looks. Here are five tips you can use to embrace vibrant colors in your home.
  • The Making of "Knotted Snake"

    “Knotted Snake” was the result of an urge to represent the twists and turns that were occurring in my life at the time. It represents the creative process, but beyond just the artistic sense. I wanted to create a painting that represented this process not just for myself, but for anyone working through a dramatic shift in their lives.
  • 5 Types of Paintings and Where to Put Them in Your Home

    It’s all coming together. The room you have been working on has a fresh coat of paint and furniture to match. All that’s left is a blank space on a wall that yearns to be filled with a work of art. Your taste in style may be wholly personal, but we can help narrow your choices by breaking down which medium is best for your space.
  • The Difference Between Art and Design

    I’ve been around art and design all my life. I was raised by an artist who encouraged my creative talent from a young age. However, despite what seemed as a head start, it still took a long time for me to develop my understanding of what good art and good design really was. There are plenty of guidelines you can follow and advice you can listen to, but at some point it just becomes kind of a gut feeling. These days I feel very confident in my roles as an artist and as a designer. I’ve found what art and design mean to me and the attributes I consider most when creating a new piece.
  • Our Vision for Citra Studio

    We knew we wanted to start a furniture and home goods design studio, but how would we be different? What problem were we solving, exactly? For us, the best answers were born from our frustrations with the current status quo. We saw an opportunity. A store filled with unique, artistic furniture and home goods that break the traditional mold.
  • Smart Consumerism: What it is and How We Adopted it

    As a consumer you have the power to vote with your dollars, but that vote means nothing if businesses don’t take on the same level of responsibility and sustainability you strive for. For Citra Studio, these socially conscious  habits have formed our mindset of what we call “smart consumerism”.
  • 5 Methods of Designing with a Maximalist Mindset

    For the longest time a minimalistic style was the dominant design trend focusing on neutral colors and little risk. But now maximalism has arrived and it’s on the rise. How does one start adopting a maximalist mindset? Here are our 5 methods to help you jump into bold interior design.